HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Katie Kelly, gold medalist 🏅in the woman's triathlon at the Rio 2016 Paralympics!

We were so pleased to see Katie's amazing performance, we know how hard she worked! It was wonderful to see her with her gold medal at today's treatment.

Look out for Katie riding around in one of the cars at 2016 AFL Grand Final!

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Are your feet ready for Christmas and the New Year? Podiatry Professionals' last working day will be Friday 23rd December. Get in quick as we are limited in appointments!

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Podiatry Professionals are now the Official East Junior Rugby Club podiatrist! We are excited to be working with our upcoming union super stars! 

AuthorMatthew Hotchkis

Podiatry Professionals are now proud parents!!

Bonface is 1 years old, born on 15 June 2014. Living in Mtito Andei Project in Kenya.

Due to Privacy laws we cant show you his face over the internet but if you are visiting Podiatry Professionals we will have his photo up for display in the coming days.

Podiatry Professionals are proud to be sponsoring a child with World Vision Australia!

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Need Support?

Podiatry Professionals have come across life changing thongs! That's right you heard us thongs!

Flat Thongs offer the feet very little to no support, which can lead to unwanted stress and strain for both the foot and lower limb/ leg.

Archies Arch Support Thongs aim to reduce these potentially damaging stresses and strains by offering a level of support similar to that provided by orthotics.

Archies Thongs are the perfect choice of thongs for anyone seeking a level of support not provided by normal flat thongs, as well as those who experience common foot and lower limb/ leg issues.

Archies Thongs can be worn by anyone! Archies Thongs are a great choice of thong for individuals seeking an extremely comfortable feel while enjoying the added benefit of increased support.

So what separates Archies Tongs from the rest?
- Elevated heel section- help reduce load on calf and achillies.

- Heel cup- help support the foot in a more biomechanically appropriate position.

- 2.2cm of orthotic support- help to reduce the stresses and strains on your feet and lower limbs.

- Toe star- reduces foot slippage.

- One piece construction- no more plugs! reduces the likelihood of blowout/ snapped strap & soft foam reduces friction between toes which help decrease blisters!

- Tighter strap causes thong to stick to your feet which enables a more natural gait, reduces toe clawing and potential tendon overuse.

- Extremely light weight and super comfortable memory foam reduces the work load of the feet which is great for post exercise recovery.

It only gets better! they look like havanas but have the support of orthotics! So you are probably thinking, they sound great but is it affordable?- orthotics are expensive. Have no fear fellow Canberrans! They are only at a small cost of $35.00 a pair!!

Archies can not be bought at your typical Chemist or shoe outlet, these thongs are exclusive to health professionals like podiatrists and physiotherapists only!

How to order a pair?
Send an email to Katarina, our Senior Receptionist on! She can help you with sizing and payment/ shipping methods!

AuthorMatthew Hotchkis